Teaching English to 4 year old French Students!!!!

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Teaching English to 4 year old French Students!!!!

Unread post by jayne » 07 Jan 2007, 16:43

I am English but live in France and have just been employed by the National Education department to help with my local schools English classes - they are convinced that a native english speaking person will obviously bring their levels of English to a better standard which I think is great. I am employed to assist the class teacher for all the classes between 4 and 10 years old. I am finding this job extremely rewarding and love working with the children, however I am finding it difficult to find interesting material for the younger pupils of 4 and 5 years old years old - their english class is at the end of the day (16.00 until 16.20), its only 20 minutes each class but I cant seem to find songs or nursery rhymes that are simple enough..... I need something very repeatative, as these children dont even realise that another language but french exists so its difficult enough for them without giving them lots and lots of words..... I have already done little rhymes like round and round the garden, which they thought was great as it involves contact as well - but I am now running out of simple songs or rhymes to do with them - I teach from 4 years old up to 10 years old and its my first year - I am not a trained teacher and have been employed as an assitant to the class teacher - however, I am mainly left to do my own thing. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Teaching English in France

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Unread post by ForumAngel » 01 Aug 2007, 14:03

Dear Jayne

There is just the thing here:


The free mini-series will give you plenty of game ideas and a story.

The games are written for small classes though, of up to 20 children, but if there are two adults you can always make two groups, or play as one group as there will be two of you to keep on top of the class discipline side of things. (It is better to split into two groups for many of the games though so the children do not have to wait long in between turns.)

As it is the end of the day I would use ten minutes of movement and ten minutes of quieter activities. The children may be becoming restless after a full day in school so some more playful learning games would be best, and plenty of songs such as Head shoulders knees and toes, Old Mac Donald and Ten Green Bottles.

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Shelley Vernon

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