Pantun, Legendary Poem from Indonesia

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Pantun, Legendary Poem from Indonesia

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Melayu people, which include the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, know an oral tradition called pantun. Not only in the melayu area, pantun is also widely used with various other terms but with the same characteristics and the same purpose.

However, the use of rhymes in everyday life is even wider, even in ancient times. When a man wanted to approach a woman, he would express it through rhymes, or even when someone fights with someone, the rhyme composition can still be heard in it. Therefore, we will discuss the pantun in more depth in order to better understand it as a literary relic from the past which is still used today.

Pantun is a rhyme is a pattern of artful communication used in a particular place, in a particular ceremony or to convey something in figurative or satirical intent. In addition, there are also other definitions of various experts as follows

Andriani gives a definition of rhyme with three things. First, pantun is a form of expression of heart and thinking that is unique to the Malay nation and has a multicultural, multilingual, multi-religious, and multi-racial nature. Second, rhymes are not tied to age, gender, social stratification, and blood related boundaries. Thirdly, rhymes are used in a variety of places and in a wide variety of social conditions.

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