Second opinion on two job offers

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Second opinion on two job offers

Unread post by annisa_hasan »

Hi there,

I have been offered two jobs teaching abroad. I am a Thai native English speaker, born and bred here in the UK. I've just been offered a job in Thailand. Now it's easier for me to work there cos my family lives there, accommodation is easy, if there are problems, I can always rely on them. I have a Thai passport so no visa required.

BUT I've been offered a job in Spain too as a teacher in Madrid. This is my first choice, working in Spain. I am a British citizen too and don't need a visa. I want to learn Spanish, also a beginner in Spanish, so not able to get by with Spanish yet. I don't really know the culture very well but it's my first choice.

The one in Thailand starts in July and the one in Spain starts in September.

If you were me, which would you decide on?


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Re: Second opinion on two job offers

Unread post by Susan »


Why don't you take a piece of paper and write out the pros and cons of each job and then compare them?

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Re: Second opinion on two job offers

Unread post by mrtesol »

Hi Annisa,

Yes, you seem to have a dilemma now. In my opinion, since you are familiar with the Thai culture and your familly live there, you might still get another job offer in Thailand. If you're an adventurous type, I would say, take the one in Spain, get to know the culture and learn the Spanish language, see how things work out. If the outcome is against expectations, you still can try Thailand later.

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Re: Second opinion on two job offers

Unread post by kdammers »

Are you sure you don't need a visa to work in Spain? I took a quick look at the British government's site on working in Spain, and it seemed to say that a visa would be required (although a work permit but no visa was required for professors). Also, ... -in-spain/ says people from non-EU states need a visa. ... uirements/ says the same thing.
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