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Hi, I would like some advice on handwriting. I have been teaching a 7 year old girl for a year now. Her handwriting isnt really that bad, but I was just wondering whether I should encourage her do do better. Should I take a more relaxed approach as she is still young or is it crucial to write well from an early age. Many thanks.
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Re: Handwriting

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I would concentrate on other things now such as pronunciation, understanding and vocabulary. I presume you are teaching her English as a foreign language which means that she is learning to write in her own language with her school teachers. It's better to give her time to learn to write in her own language and not focus on that in the EFL classroom even if her writing isn't perfect.

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Re: Handwriting

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I've got a related question. Everytime I write something on a whiteboard, kids can't understand my handwriting. I've been pushing so hard, but I can't help it. I think I should buy myself a digital whiteboard. Can you suggest which one?
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