Grammar for Kindergarten

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Re: Grammar for Kindergarten

Unread post by AdiDev »

Can you send any video link for improving grammar?
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Re: Grammar for Kindergarten

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I don't think it is necessary for kindergarten,they are so young to learn grammar,that's not a good beginning
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Re: Grammar for Kindergarten

Unread post by spiceagent11 »

First of all, I think that it is important to correct children’s grammar and to help them to find some rules that they are ready to understand. I always remember that children like challenges, they are fearless at this age, they like taking risks. Of course, the main aim of the teacher to provide students with an appropriate opportunity that won’t discourage them.
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Re: Grammar for Kindergarten

Unread post by kellanfarday »

I agree with spiceagent11 here. We can correct them but in a different approach we correct older students.
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