First certificate for schools. Help!

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First certificate for schools. Help!

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Hi everyone

I am a new teacher and have now been working for about 6 months in different private schools in Portugal. In one of them I was given a FCE year 1 class; problem is, I have never taught at this level nor do I have experience preparing students for the FCE exam.

I was given no guidance or syllabus (only the first for schools student's and workbook), and I was told to devide the course book in half and prepare the kids over two years. However, some parents want to save up money and my employers have asked me to give a list of students who might be prepared for taking the exam in June.

I was not expecting this, I probably didn't do great at teaching them, it's my first year and I did the best I could with what I have, but I don't think students are ready to do it this year.

Although, I would still like to test them to see if at least one or two could do it. What would be the best way to figure out if they are ready or not in such short notice, and should I really risk sending the kids to an exam they might not be well prepared for?

Thank you all for your help:)
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Re: First certificate for schools. Help!

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You can find practice tests online: ... eparation/ (I'm not familiar with this one, which is from a school in Tehran.)
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Re: First certificate for schools. Help!

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User oneota gave you good advice - I suggest you take it.
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