No bachelors degree... tefl in prague?

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Re: No bachelors degree... tefl in prague?

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I’m not sure what you mean by an ‘on site TEFL school.’ There are two types of schools. Government schools for which you will need a degree and the private for profit ‘language centres’, which sometimes call themselves schools, for which you don’t. You do stand more chance of getting a job if you have a degree, because you have more choice.
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Re: No bachelors degree... tefl in prague?

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Typically in the Czech Rep, private language schools expect you to have a degree and a CELTA (or equivalent) certificate before they hire you. But of course they can offer anyone work because they're independent of the state and any outside control. But I wouldn't trust a school which employed teachers who weren't qualified at degree level, put it that way.

Who have you talked to? I worked in Prague for many years and know a few people there. Send me a PM if you want.
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