Degree-Level Professional Qualification accepted as Degree?

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Degree-Level Professional Qualification accepted as Degree?

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I'm a recently CELTA-qualified teacher looking for jobs - I don't have much experience with ESL teaching outside of CELTA and some private students I've been teaching online since I qualified, but I'm very interested in getting a teaching job abroad. Specifically in Japan or Korea, which are both dream locations for me, but I'm open to other countries too...

My problem is that a lot of jobs that look reputable seem to require having a degree OR 2+ years experience teaching. Obviously I don't have the latter but I was hoping that I'd be able to use my CIMA qualification as the former (if you're unaware of it, having full CIMA accreditation is the equivalent of a Master's Degree but it's a professional qualification - issued by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants rather than an academic institute).

I spoke briefly with a Korean ESL recruitment company who told me that it wouldn't count as a degree in Korea (which I guess rules Korea out, which is a shame) but I'm now worried that it won't count anywhere. Which is kind of depressing since it took me 4 long, horrible years to acquire! But mainly I'm just feeling a little hopeless that getting a reasonable ESL job abroad will be even harder than I'd thought.

Has anyone else been in this position (if not with CIMA than with another similar professional qualification?) or does anyone have any advice?

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Re: Degree-Level Professional Qualification accepted as Degree?

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You can get a job in a private school without a degree, but not recommended as that's where the majority of problems arise. What you have to remember is that no one outside the west knows what a CIMA is (I didn't :) ), but everyone knows what a degree is. Without a degree it is possible, but you'll struggle.
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