TEFL, prospects and advice for prospective teacher graduating this year??

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TEFL, prospects and advice for prospective teacher graduating this year??

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I'm 21 and a native English speaker, having lived in the UK my whole life. I'm graduating university this year, and I'm considering teaching English as a profession. Despite currently studying for a bachelors degree in business technology, teaching English abroad seems interesting and gives me the opportunity to relocate on a stable wage and experience something new, in a new culture.

South Korea is the most attractive option for me currently, with a stable wage and well documented career progression in the first 3 years, after gaining initial experience.

I'm seeking some advice on the TEFL qualification. If I'm graduating this year, should I start an online course now, in the middle on my final semester, or in the summer after finishing my degree? And what TEFL qualification would be valuable for employers? Of course, some graduate placements only require a degree, but I am concerned about my ability to do the job well without a TEFL qualification, do you guys on the forum recommend having it?

I'm also interested to hear any stories on career paths you guys have taken, from teaching English abroad, perhaps having been in a similar situation to me. I'm asking because I'm unsure about future prospects, perhaps back in the UK and I'm also unsure about the career prospects teaching English in South Korea and other locations in Asia, past the initial 3 years.

Finally, can you guys recommend any good TEFL programs in South Korea or other locations in Asia. I've researched online, but have yet to come across any definitive recruiters, and so any good experiences you guys have had with TEFL recruiters and any recommendations you have would be great too.

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Re: TEFL, prospects and advice for prospective teacher graduating this year??

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I suggest that instead of looking at TEFL teaching as a career choice see it as a life experience. You acquire a lot of soft skills when you work as a TEFL teacher. Most people teach for one or two years then go back home. only a few carry on as a career choice. You need to have TEFL qualfication in practically all cases now. There are a lot on offer that you can do online.
I have been teaching as a TEFL teacher for nearly 20 years now in Germany and France. I have recently created an online course for teaching the english present and past tenses. When I started off on my TEFL career I had done a TEFL course, but this did not help me really to get to grips with teaching the english tenses. Over half way in my career I finally found a method which made everything so much easier. I have been simplifying and improving it over the years. It does not replace a TEFL course but it will certainly simplify your teaching. Visit my website www.laclefanglaise.com/teachers-zone.html to find out about it. Best of luck with your TEFL adventure.
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