Using a credit card for TEFL start up costs

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Using a credit card for TEFL start up costs

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Hi all.

I am planning to start doing TEFL in a China as soon as possible, I am currently about 70% of the my way through my 120 course and plan to finish it very soon and hopefully start to apply for TEFL jobs.

I have recently returned from a five month trip around Eastern Europe and am very low on funds however, I did use some of my budget to buy the tefl course but will obviously need start up costs for flights, rent, deposits and general living costs.

I am planning to apply with English First or a similar company who do offer help such as paid hotel stays and salary advances however I will need between £1500-2000 of money saved beforehand. Obviously I am not against working for a few months to save up but am wondering what the logistics behind using a credit card for these start up costs would be. Obviously being unemployed, it is virtually impossible for me to be approved for a credit card, however if I was to accept a job offer for a TEFL job, would I be able to put that down, even before starting, and use the salary to help me get approved?

I also have a first credit card on which I owe about £1500 which will obviously also impact my chances of being approved. I’m not looking for judgement (I know it’s a silly, extremely lazy thing to even ask), I’m just looking for advice. I know my plan is very vague too and would be willing to take advice on aspects such as which companies to apply with etc. I ask on here because I prefer advice from level headed, optimistic people with TEFL experience rather than corporate, finance based idiots with their heads up their arses.

Thank you.
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Re: Using a credit card for TEFL start up costs

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Please, don't fall into the debt trap by starting a new credit card when you already owe money on an existing one. Instead, focus on paying off your existing debt first.

My advice is also to avoid the recruitment agencies. You can easily find work yourself, and you are much more likely to receive a higher salary if you arrange the employment process yourself. It isn't that difficult a process to find teaching work in China.

Good luck!

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Re: Using a credit card for TEFL start up costs

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If you're trying to ignore and leave the old debt loan then you must know that creditors didn't allow you to do that. Their debt collection process is very hard. They didn't give you any extra chance if you try to escape from them. I think you've got several notifications regarding the payments so please pay those first otherwise you must face the judicial problems.
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