Is it possible to teach English remotely?

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Is it possible to teach English remotely?

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Hi everyone. I am going to be travelling a lot soon and will have no fixed abode. I have been researching jobs and a few friends have said they know of people who teach English remotely from "home". Is this something that can be done?

I realise it's a pretty broad question so I'll give you a bit of information...

I am currently 32 and the only qualifications I have is a few GCSE's. I have been in business most of my life but I can't take that with me unfortunately! What I need from a job is to have a regular/reliable income that I can earn online while on the move. It doesn't have to be a great income as my overheads will be pretty minimal. Is there any such jobs out there? Is it realistic for me to be able to get those jobs with the right TEFL qualification (with no degree etc)? I enjoy teaching (those that want to be taught) so this seemed like a good potential career to research first.

Any information and realistic expectations would be appreciated.

All the best,

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Re: Is it possible to teach English remotely?

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Check it out:

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Re: Is it possible to teach English remotely?

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Hi! A lot of teachers are into online teaching as long as you'll be in places with good internet connection and have a quiet area to teach. While this has been a viable option for some, others I've read have some concerns will be the schedule of students. Some schools have a booking system where only when you have students were you able to get paid. While others pay you if you have a scheduled student even if that student do not show up. Try checking the list of online schools at I look there for school reviews. Hope there are reviews there that can help you.
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