An ocean of flowers

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An ocean of flowers

Unread post by Lone » 06 Sep 2018, 04:20

Dear Joe,

'There are an ocean of flowers.' I saw this sentence in the Internet. Is it grammatically correct? I was wondering whether 'an ocean of flowers' should be treated as singular or plural.

If it is singular, then the verb should be 'is' - There is an ocean of flowers.

Apparently, the writer consider 'an ocean of flowers' a plural subject, as the verb 'are' was used. But should it be plural when the phrase starts with 'an' ('AN ocean of...')?



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Re: An ocean of flowers

Unread post by Joe » 06 Sep 2018, 04:39

People argue endlessly about this but for me an ocean of flowers is singular and two oceans of flowers is plural.

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Re: An ocean of flowers

Unread post by Mrdaudiqbal » 29 Jul 2019, 15:10

Yes think an ocean of flowers is singular

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