WARNING: Interlink jobs in Saudi Arabia

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The Best Company only ( English Today Recruitment)

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e: WARNING: Interlink jobs in Saudi Arabia
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I have to disagree with almost all that's been written about INTERLINK and EGA here. The reason there are two companies running side by side is due to Saudi law stating you have to have a Saudi partner on board to have a company here. That's part and parcel of business life. That out of the way, they're a trustworthy company and I've been with them for three years, many of my peers longer. We've all been paid absolutely on time and that's a lot more than can be said for some other companies here. The sites are generally pretty good and although some are a little run down, I've worked in much worse places. I think the negative feedback has been from teachers who haven't had their contracts renewed ad are getting a few digs in. There's decent scope for promotion and you tend to get the choice of the city you want to go in your second year, Medinah being the obvious exception due to volume of requests for the city and its religious connections. I'd absolutely recommend and I'll definitely sign for a fourth year.

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Re: WARNING: Interlink jobs in Saudi Arabia

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fsrensburg wrote:
22 Jan 2015, 08:32
Feel free to e-mail me or send me a message if you have any questions, its always good to talk to someone with first hand experience in the good and the bad.

I’ve just come across your thread and even though it’s been a long time since your post, is there any way I can get in touch with you? Or maybe just reply here? I’m considering joining Interlink’s Yamamah uni in Riyadh next year and would appreciate your thoughts and experiences. In particular:
- How was the workload? I know you don’t follow text books, so how much of a workload is devising your own lessons? How much support is there in doing that?
- How are the students? Really hard to motivate them and just trying to barely get by in the lesson or were they usually committed and engaged?
- How is the culture with immediate management? For example, how often do they ‘police/check’ their staff or is it a culture of trust?

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