Is Best Learning Worst China TEFL Teacher Employer?

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Is Best Learning Worst China TEFL Teacher Employer?

Unread post by Saturn » 01 Dec 2017, 06:13

I just met some expat teachers at Lush in Wudaokou last night and they were discussing how a company called Beile Training (the parent company that owns Best Learning) was forcing them to give up all their employee rights in their contracts. And to make matters worse, if you want to work for them, you have to do so illegally without a Z visa!

This is a huge chain operation owned by some Chinese billionaire with locations all over China. Why won't the owner follow the law and protect his teachers from being arrested and deported? ... scam-china More about this situation is at

After all those Disney English teachers got arrested last year, I thought for sure everyone got the message about Z visas. WTF? Do any of you work there and why would you sign such a crappy contract?

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Re: Is Best Learning Worst China TEFL Teacher Employer?

Unread post by Skyler » 05 Dec 2017, 17:34

Based on my one year of working with Beile aka Best Learning I have to say I was never more stressed and nervous in my life. I was so lucky because the day I had to go to the hospital for my body check to keep my Blue Cross insurance active, the PSB raided my school in Wudaokou and arrested 18 of the 25 foreign teachers working there. I resign the next day and got a job as a bartender. That school chain is a joke. Less than 10% of the foreign teachers are real, and they are all working without Z visas.

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Re: Is Best Learning Worst China TEFL Teacher Employer?

Unread post by Grizzly » 28 Dec 2017, 03:36

I just found this at China Daily about Best Learning...

"How would YOU feel if you just found out that your 7 year-old daughter has been learning English dor almost two years from a foreigner who was arrested three times for DUI, once for assault, and again for credit card fraud? Then you discover that this "teacher" never graduated from any university and never taught a thing before coming to China on a tourist visa, and then was instantly transformed into an American English teacher by a company that arranged for them to buy a phony university diploma and a fake TEFL certificate? On a scale of 1 to 10, how outraged would you be as parent after paying this teacher's school $10,000 a year for English lessons with this teacher?

The above is exactly what happened to Wendy Wei and her daughter Ling (not their real names) after her teacher confessed he was not really an American as the school presented, but was really a Ukrainian refugee who himself learned English in America three years ago. Now he is teaching it to 57 Chinese kids in Beijing. "Lee" is just one of over 129 such foreign "teachers" employed by "Best Learning" a Chinese-owned chain school with 8 locations in Beijing, and tells mothers "we are part of an American chain school" when in fact, they are not.

Through this incident it recently came to our attention that the Best Learning chain school in Beijing which is owned by two Chinese men who only provide Chinglish names "Larry" and "Jacky" and who, like many private Chinese-owned schools pretend to be from America and even hang false awards and business licenses on their walls. About 75% of their teaching staff are foreign "teachers" who never taught anything before arriving in China.

But the management arranged for all these fake teachers to obtain fake diplomas from Purdue, Ohio State, and other big-name universities and use their color printer to crank out fake TEFL certificate as well. The Chinese mothers are both duped and impressed.

But as two of their employees working in Haidian district of Beijing told us, "They never delivered on their promise of a Z visa, and most all of us are working without a Z visa, or with a fake, black market Z visa. Without Z visas, the fake foreign teachers are working illegally in China. These forged documents she claims got 38 foreign teachers from Beile arrested and deported in 2016. "We are trapped in this job because no other school will hire us because they all know we have no real teaching credentials," explained Karen who refused to give us her real name, although she says she is from Syracuse and before coming to China in 2016, was a cashier at her local Walmart. She has no criminal record, but she has no teaching experience nor a university degree, two requirements to teach in China by law. Official requirement can be found at

Although the schools are modern and clean the Chinese kids who enroll there and pay the hefty tuition get cheated out of a real education by fake Polish, Czech, Russian, and Ukranian teachers who all claim to be from America but refuse to show you their passport They were all told to pick an American city and learn all they could about that city on the internet "just in case some parent asks you about your home town."

A quick search online for "Best Learning, scam" shows their horrible reputation started the same year they opened in 2011. Search:;read=39565;expand=1#m_39565

Our teacher sources also showed us their employment contract which compels the expat teachers to surrender their employee rights granted by Chinese labor laws. So most all of their foreign teachers are working illegally with illegal contracts that violate China labor laws. See: ... ost1976424

No employment contract in China can legally force an expat or local employee to forfeit their employee rights according to China's labor laws, but the management of Beile aka Best Learning ignore the law and milk their foreign teachers for at least 10 unpaid hours of overtime every week and create illegal probationary periods amongst other labor law violations. Since most newly-arrived expat teachers do not even know they have any such rights, they agree to sign the illegal contracts out of ignorance.

So where are all of these fake teachers coming from? Mostly Europe but 80% of them are being recruited by a Chinese woman who uses four different names and has a criminal record hnine-yearnd a nine year history of cheating and extorting foreign teachers. She goes by the name of Rosie, Rebecca, Rose, and Ruby. Her history and photo can be found here... More current info about this wannabe English school can be found at

We hope real TEFL & ESL Teachers working in China will expose all schools that do not provide foreign expats a real z visa sponsorship with a signed contract BEFORE they leave their homeland or those that make you work unpaid overtime or tell you to lie on your visa application. Those fake foreign teachers who go along with this and similar scams will probably eventually find their names and photos here: ... identified.

Beile Training runs most of the online teacher job ads, but Best Learning is their brand name. Avoid and spread the words ladies and gents - Ma Shan. Please note that 3 Beile foreign teachers have thus far confirmed the above information on a confidential basis."

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