The TEFL Certificate: Don't Worry So Much

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The TEFL Certificate: Don't Worry So Much

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Just a few thoughts on TEFL certification. Just like your degree from a top tier university in Europe or the US, outside the west, few will have ever heard of it. Trinity and Cambridge mean nothing, the TEFL certificate itself does. No employer I have known has ever been wowed by the issuing authority, or by a CELTA v TEFL. It’s the same with degrees; actually having the BA or MA means more than where it came from.

It’s always better to do your TEFL in-house, not just because of the low cost, but each country has its own culture and if you’re going to be working in that particular country, it’s the ideal place to learn the rules. For instance, in Thailand everyone passes their exams with a 50% score to start with and a lot of fiddling is involved in making that happen, which a TEFL course in say London won’t prepare you for. Conversely in China, the police and army actually guard the school when the students take their Gao Kao – absolutely no cheating allowed.

A TEFL certificate isn’t going to replace a PGCE, it’s not meant to, it’s simply to tell the employer that you’ve at least stood in front of a group and been able to present something. What I have found is that employers are becoming more interested in the practice side of a placement and the reference that goes with it – for example; 120 hours classroom, 200 hours practice.
Outside the west, don’t worry too much about certification status, stay focused on presentation, grammar and being able to do the job.
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Re: The TEFL Certificate: Don't Worry So Much

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More teachers were arrested for using fake TEFL certificates in China - 329 during the month of April. Over 1,000 were arrested in what looks like a major sweep across China in 18 different provinces. Here is a list of those arrested. Regretfully, four of my friends were busted. ... l-of-2017/ I am so glad I did not use the same recruiter as they did.
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Re: The TEFL Certificate: Don't Worry So Much

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Thanks for this advice. This is helpful.
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