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Group lesson ideas

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I'm doing a TEFL course and on my final assignment. I need to prepare a 60 minute PPP lesson plan
for a group of intermediate level students (60 of them) and the objective is teaching "making appointments".

I already submitted the assignment for marking once, but although the tutor/assessor said it was a good plan, that I didn't focus enough on the GROUP aspect of it and that all activities should be in group work.

I've got a few ideas - a week to view diary extract and in their groups, they need to make new, reschedule and cancel appointments....Thinking this is Ok for the freer practice/production part.

For the controlled practice, I was thinking to do a group game/competition....ones with the most marks wins. Something along the lines of I read out some dialogue and they have to tell me what I'm doing (making a new appointment/rescheduling/cancelling etc).

I still feel for the length of the lesson though that these will not be enough and was thinking to add a video for them to watch. Is this a bad idea? How could I get it to be a group activity - could I give them a worksheet or something to do complete as a group?

I'm ok with how to group and also plan some drilling for the lead in/presentation stage.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
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Re: Group lesson ideas

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Your ideas for speaking activities are fine and seem to me to fit what your tutor is asking for.

As for the video, you can have students watch and answer questions individually and to compare in pairs before checking in with the teacher. Although pair checking is not essential. Not all activities need to be group ones.

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