Interested on teaching English abroad

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Re: Interested on teaching English abroad

Unread post by pauldev » 18 Jan 2015, 04:56

The CELTA is a good choice.

It's best to do it on location rather than doing an on-line course.

Good luck!

It's important to develop your skills and knowledge within a range of areas to become a successful EFL teacher.

These areas include classroom management, structuring a lesson, games, working with language, planning, dealing with vocabulary,problems and solutions and feedback and reflection.

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Re: Interested on teaching English abroad

Unread post by Awalls86 » 06 Feb 2015, 03:32

Hi Lou, there are many so called "TEFL" courses out there, but many are not even worth contemplating.
The only two that are truly respected are the CELTA and the Trinity Certificate. I am not so familiar with the full details of Trinity, but the CELTA is a 4 week full-time (or 3 month part time) course which costs in the region of £1500. You can do it in the UK (I did mine at Solihull College, Birmingham) or a popular option is to do it abroad.
What sets these two courses apart from the rest is the 6 hours of assessed teaching practice. These courses generally build you up so that in your first week of teaching you go in to the classroom feeling confident that you can hold your own as a teacher. I doubt anyone with a lesser certificate feels the same way.
In short, don't take any other TEFL course unless it is free. The knowledge might have some use, but the certificate is as likely to be respected as one I make myself in Microsoft Word!
I should add there are equivalent courses to CELTA and Trinity, but I don't know the names of providers or their courses, and generally neither do DOSes. Best to pick a qualification that they know.

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Re: Interested on teaching English abroad

Unread post by serendip » 13 Feb 2015, 11:27

Be forewarned that most schools will not hire an English teacher unless English is that persons first language. That said, some will, so don't get despondent by the number of schools that say "No".

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