oral presentation, effective or not in elementary school?

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oral presentation, effective or not in elementary school?

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I'm a currently doing my English as a second language degree and during my practicum,
My teacher wanted me to have my elementary students do an oral presentation in order for me to evaluate their oral skills. I personally don't think that this is the best way to test these kids anymore. Doing a game where they would have to talk is a much more representative activity to do to evaluate their language then to make them speak in front of the class. Even I have some times a little bit of stress when I teach. Imagine those little children standing there with their text, which they totally learned by heart, in front of a big class. Also, the fact that they learned their texts is also not representative of a real life situation. I strongly recommend the abolition of these presentations for the sake of the kids.
Do you agree with me?
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Re: oral presentation, effective or not in elementary school

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My name is Shiran and I am a student teacher. I totally agree with you because I think that teaching with the usage of games and fun activities is much better then asking the pupils to present their knowledge in front of the hall class. Moreover there are many ways to see if your pupils can talk and present. I suggest that you should listen to your teacher first of all, and then you can make the oral presentation in a way that’s more fun for you and your pupils to present.
Try to do an act about a subject that your pupils would choose from a list of subjects that you already gave them, it could be something dramatic or it could be a restaurant scene.
Go with what you believe but listen to your teacher because she might have something new for you to learn from. Because you know that a teacher learns all the time.
Best of luck, Shiran.
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