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Tests for elementary students

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I'd be more than grateful if you could share with me. I'm searching for tests for elementary schools students, beginners. I'd like to test them on vocabulary and grammar. I'm not too eager to write tests on my own since I don't have much experience in teaching... Please share with me.

I work in an elementary school in Poland.
Ja - Danek

exam papers

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fill in the blanks
21.— .
—Oh ,what a nice house !
—I’m glad you like it . Let me show you around it first .
A.Let’s drive to my house . B.Here we are .
C.Would you like to see my house ? D.My house is behind the hill
22.After the Anti-terrorist War , the American soldiers returned home , .
A.safe but tired B.safely but tired
C.safe and tiring D.safely and tiring
23.He is an astronaut , is the admiration of all the young people nowadays .
A.who B.which C.that D.what
24.—What’s the matter ,Jim ? You look sad .
—Oh , nothing much . Actually , I of my friends .
A.am thinking B.have just thought
C.was just thinking D.had just thought
25.Officials of the Walt Disney predicted that , by 2010 , China at least two Disneyland parks .
A.will have had B.is to have C.would have D.already have
26.Beijing plans to build more Olympic Games sites in universities resources after the
Games .
A.avoid wasting ; will have finished B.to avoid wasting ; have finished
C.avoiding wasting ; have finished D.to avoid wasting ; has finished
27.By night-fall , people against war on Iraq march in North and South America in a
day of March .
A.were already at B.had already been on
C.were already on D.have already been on
28.Key European governments insist that Iraq’s co-operation good and military action to allow inspections to continue .
A.be ; be delayed B.is ; delay
C.should be ; be delayed D.is ; be delayed
29.The children were very quiet . I wonder what they are .
A.up to B.crying for C.going to D.stick to
30.Have you got any trouble in operating the computer ?
to worry about . I have just finished a course in program design .
A.Nothing B.I’m afraid C.None D.Sure
31.She is an easy-going person . It easy to get her to agree .
A.should be fairly B.must be fairly C.can be rather D.would be rather
32.Their father was not together with them , but they knew , thought that he was on the
same train .
A.or B.or rather C.as well as D.and
33.Two hours a long time a coffee .
A.are ; to take on B.is ; to take over C.is ; spent over D.are ; spent on
34.He chose the Christmas presents carefully , all the family members extremely at last .
A.satisfied B.to satisfy C.satisfying D.was satisfied
35. it be true that Tom was put into prison again ?
A.May B.Should C.Could D.Would
part 2. finish the passage
One afternoon John was cutting up wood when a neighbour drove up in his cart .
“Have you heard the 36 about the mine in Placerville ?”he asked . “There was a cave-in and a miner was killed . He has three children . The 37 thing is , his wife is dead . He only has a married sister who might take them 38 she lives on the other side of the Sierras . And the snow is too 39 to get any mail across the mountains .”
John went on working , but his thoughts were on the snow-covered 40 through the mountains . He remembered 41 as a boy he had climbed snow mountains on snowshoes . He examined the wood . Then and there he decided to make a pair of snowshoes out of it .
After he made them he began to practise on his snowshoes until he felt 42 of himself . Then he showed his neighbours how his snowshoes 43 .
Stepping forward , one of the town elders spoke up . “If you are ready . Go ahead and carry the mail .”
With neither tracks nor paths to 44 , he moved ahead on what he believed to be the proper 45 .As he went up the mountains the wind and cold could barely slow him down .
When darkness 46 ,John still moved on , guided by the stars . It was late into the night when he finally decided to stop . He must save his 47 for the long journey still ahead .
Finding the stump of a tree ,he set it on 48 .Then he made a platform of branches on the snow . Stretching out on it with his feet to the fire and the mailbag under his head , he fell asleep .
After three days of traveling , he 49 smoke curling (袅袅升起)upward from the chimneys . John knew he was nearing the town .
As he glided into town , people 50 out of their homes and gathered around him .
They stared in 51 at the blue-eyed man on strange snowshoes .
“I brought you mail from Placerville ,”John said simply .
The following day the sister of the dead miner gave John a letter .”I’ll come 52 the children as soon as the pass is clear .” She told him .
For the next five winters , 53 paid little , snow-shoe John went on steadily carrying the mail . For many years John was talked about as the famous mail-carrying 54 of the Far West . He was also 55 for the shoes he wore . they were the first snow-shoes ,ever seen in California .
36.A.fact B.expressions C.news D.reality
37.A.sorry B.harmful C.first D.happy
38.A.and B.but C.so D.unless
39.A.cold B.freezing C.deep D.fallen
40.A.village B.part C.pass D.street
41.A.how B.what C.why D.when
42.A.tired B.proud C.afraid D.sure
43.A.did B.worked C.wore D.took
44.A.travel B.pass C.follow D.look
45.A.cause B.course C.beginning D.branch
46.A.sank B.fell C.happened D.remained
47.A.strength B.time C.food D.money
48.A.place B.bed C.board D.fire
49.A.sighted B.smelled C.heard D.tasted
50.A.kept B.poured C.picked D.stayed
51.A.public B.order C.fear D.surprise
52.A.for B.at C.on D.to
53.A.if B.however C.although D.because
54.A.passenger B.guide C.hero D.teacher
55.A.recognized B.reported C.remembered D.realized
part 3. reading comprehansin
It was a very happy family . The life was fairly well-off . Father , Leopold , was a music master in Austria , Mother was warm-hearted . There were two children , Marianne , a schoolgirl , and little Wolfgang , a child not quite four years old . Marianne was learning to play the piano , and day after day Leopold stood behind her as she practised . How patient her father was , and how cleverly he showed Marianne how to play some particularly difficult pieces ! She was making progress, very good progress , and that was excellent . And there , almost lost in the big chair , sat Wolfgang , who never had to be told to keep quiet when Marianne was practising . One evening at sunset Leopold patted Marianne’s shoulder ,saying she had done well. At that moment Wolfgang climbed on his father’s knee and begged to be allowed to play the pretty piece Marianne had now mastered . What a joke that was ! Picking up his baby son , Leopold laughed and said , “look at your small hands . You must wait , little man !”
There was no end of fun during tea ,and Marianne had to tell her mother about Wolfgang wanting to play a difficult piece . When the meal was finished , Marianne helped to clear away the dishes , Suddenly Leopold got up . “Listen !”said he in a surprised voice . “Listen !” “Marianne is playing the piece better than ever !”
But Marianne was washing dishes in the kitchen .
His wife following , Leopold walked quietly upstairs , the lamp in one hand , his music book in the other . He pushed open the door , and there was little Wolfgang playing in the darkness . “I love it .”whispered the child .
It was the beginning of Mozart’s life of music .
56.Wolfgang was quiet when his sister practised the piano because .
A.he liked his sister B.he loved music
C.he didn’t feel well D.he didn’t want to make a noise
57.Wolfgang’s father told him he couldn’t play the piano yet because .
A.he was too small
B.his sister was taking lessons
C.he had to help his mother
D.he had to wait for his sister to finish practising
58.At tea-time the family had .
A.no fun B.a little fun
C.a lot of fun D.little fun
59.Shortly after tea Leopold heard the music from upstairs . He was astonished because .
A.Marianne had never played the piece so beautifully
B.Marianne was washing dishes in the kitchen
C.Wolfgang was playing better than his sister
D.Wolfgang loved the piece so much
Time and time again , one may be warned , “Your name will be mud .”Many have used the expression in the mistaken belief that it has something to do with the kind of dirt found in the streets or on unclean river bottoms . But the expression comes form the name of Doctor Samuel Alexander Mudd , a physician who fixed the broken leg of John Wilkes Booth , the man who killed President Abraham Lincoln . Doctor Mudd treated Booth’s injured leg without knowing who he was .
A small group helped Booth to plan Lincoln’s murder . They were all caught and sentenced to death or prison terms .
Doctor Mudd had nothing to do with Lincoln’s murder or with any of the men who had planned it .All seemed to show that he was an innocent man . But he had given some kind of help only to leave Booth to escape . This in itself was a crime then . And so , Doctor Mudd was sentenced to prison for life .
In prison , Doctor saved many prisoners and guards in a yellow fever outbreak .President Andrew Johnson pardoned him in 1869, after the doctor had spent almost four years in prison .
The American people considered the murder of Lincoln a heavy blow to them . It filled them with bitterness that lasted many years . They hated Booth very , very much and they also hated anybody who had helped the murderer in any way . Doctor Mudd was freed , but people never forgave him and his name passed into American folk speech as something bad , hateful . The Mudd family had also suffered a lot because of the name until not long ago .
60.The best title for this text is .
A.Abraham Lincoln , the Great President for the American People
B.Your Name Will be Mud
C.Social Problems in the U.S.A during the 1860s
D.Old Law System of the U.S.A
61.Doctor Samuel Alexander Mudd was put in prison because .
A.he had helped Booth murder Lincoln
B.the American people loved Abraham Lincoln deeply
C.he had broken the American law
D.he hadn’t reported the fact to the American government
62.From the last paragraph it can be inferred that .
A.Doctor Mudd has recently been set free
B.Doctor Mudd’s innocence was declared
C.there will be more expressions with mud
D.the American people hate anyone who kills their president
63.If it had not been for President Andrew Johnson , Doctor Mudd .
A.would have spent the rest of his life in prison
B.would have been sentenced to five year’s prison life
C.would be thought of crime forever
D.would suffer a lot from the name
Name/addreass No. of Rooms Single Double Special Attractions
FIRST HOTEL 222 Edward RoadTel . 414-6433 120 $25 $35 Air-conditioned rooms , Frechrestaurant , Night club , Swimming-pool ,shops , Coffee Shops , Coffee shopand bar , Telephone , Radio and TV in each room , Close to the city center
FAIRVIEWHOTEL129North RoadTel .591-5620 50 $12 $18 Close to the air-port, Telephone in each room, BarRestaurant , Garage ,Swimming-pool .
ORCHARDHOTEL233EdwardRoadTel . 641—6646 120 $15 $20 Facing First Hotel , European restaurant , Coffee shop , Dry-cleaning , Shops , TV, Night-club
OSAKAHOTEL1264VenningRoad Tel . 643-8200 180 $30 $50 Air-conditioned rooms , Japanese andChinese restaurants , Shops , Swimming-pool,Large garden
64.The cheapest price of a room for couple is in in Boswell .
A.$35; the First Hotel B.$30 ; the Osaka Hotel
C.$18; the Fairview Hotel D.$15 ; the Orchard Hotel
65.The number of the rooms in the best hotels in Boswell is
A.120 B.470 C.450 D.240
66.If a Japanese traveler likes to eat in a French restaurant , is the right place for him to
go to .
A.233 Edward Road B.1264Venning Road
C.222Edward Road D.129North Road
67.Which hotel faces the Orchard Hotel ?
A.The Firs Hotel . B.The Osaka Hotel .
C.The Fairview Hotel . D.No Hotel .
Reflecting is a special kind of thinking . In the first place , it’s both active and controlled . When ideas pass aimlessly through your head , that is not reflection . When someone tells you a story and it suddenly brings to mind something that happened to you , that is not reflection either . Reflecting means focusingyour attention . It means weighing considering , choosing . Suppose you’re going home , and when you get there you turn the knob , the door opens and you step in . Getting into your home does not require reflection . But now suppose that when you turn the knob , the door does not open . To get into the house , some reflecting is in order . You have to think about what you are going to do . You have to imagine possibilities and consider choices .
The Second way that reflecting is different form some other kinds of thinking is that it’s persistent . It requires continuous effort . Suppose you’re still trying to get through your front door . You check your pocket for the key . You walk around the house looking for an open window . You go to a phone to call a family member who has a key .Such behavior is proof of persistent reflective thinking . And if someone asks you what you are doing , you may say that you are trying to figure out how to get into your house . But suppose , instead , you go to a nearby record store and look through the new records . If someone asks you what you are doing and you say that you are trying to figure out how to get into your house , that will not make sense .You are only reflection as long as you stick to the problem or task .
The third way that reflection is different from some other kinds of thinking is that it’s careful . It aims at making sense . This doesn’t mean that reflecting cannot be imaginative . A great deal of reflection could go into writing a science-fiction story about people who can move throught solid objects . The ability to walk through walls could make sense in a science-fiction story . But it wouldn’t make much sense in trying to get through your locked front door . Such imagining would be a kind of thinking , but it would not be reflection .
68.According to the passage , reflecting is .
A.not a kind of thinking but an action
B.giving all your attention to figuring out something
C.bringing to mind something that happened to you
D.letting ideas pass quickly through your head
69.If you don’t take your key with you from work , which of the following does not show
reflecting ?
A.You go through the open window
B.You telephone your family member
C.You go to the nearby record store .
D.You ask the policeman for help
70.The underlined word “persistent ”probably means .
A.existing B.continuing C.trying D.imagining
71.Which of the following is the difference between thinking and reflecting ?
A.Reflecting takes more time than thinking .
B.Reflecting is more important than thinking
C.Reflecting is a kind of more imaginative thinking
D.Reflecting is a kind of deeper thinking
Brazil has become one of the developing world’s great success at reducing population growth-but more by accident than design . While countries such as India have made joint efforts to reduce birth rates , Brazil has had better result without really trying , says George Martine at Harvard .
Brazil’s population growth rate has dropped from 2.99% a year between 1951 and 1960 to 1.93% a year between 1981 and 1990, and Brazilian women now have only 2.7children on average . Martine says this figure may have fallen still further since 1990 , and achievement that makes it the envy of many other Third World countries . Martine puts it down to , among other things , soap operas and installment plans introduced in the 1970s. Both played an important , although indirect , role in lowering the birth rate . Brazil is one of the world’s biggest producers of soap operas . Globe , Brazil’s most popular television network , shows three hours of soaps six nights a week , while three others show at least one hour a night . Most soaps are based on wealthy characters living the high life in big cities .
“Although they have never really tried to work in a message towards the problems of reproduction ,they describe middle and upper class values-not many children , different attitudes towards sex . women working ,”says Martine . “They sent this idea to all parts of Brazil and make people know other patterns of behaviour and other values , which were put into a very attractive package .”
Meanwhile , the installment plans tried to encourage the poor to become consumers(.“This led to an enormous change in consumption ,patterns and consumption was incompatible with unlimited reproduction ,”says Martin .
72.According to the passage , Brazil has reduced its population growth .
A.by educating its citizens B.by careful family planning
C.by developing TV programes D.by chance
73.According to the passage , many Third World countries .
A.haven’s given much importance to birth control

B.would soon join Brazil in controlling their birth rate
C.haven’t yet found an effective method to control their population
D.paid little attention to the role of TV plays in family planning
74.Soap operas have helped in lowering Brazil’s birth rate because .
A.they keep people sitting long hours watching TV
B.they have gradually changed people’s way of life .
C.People are drawn to their attractive package
D.They popularize birth control methods
75.What is Martine’s conclusion about Brazil’s population growth ?
A.The increase in birth rate will encourage consumption
B.The need for consumption helps to reduce birth rate .
C.Consumption patterns and reproduction patterns are contradictory
D.A country’s production is limited by its population growth .

part 5
It was very fine while I got up early last Sunday morning . 76.
So I decided to go for a walk and took some photos in the 77.
beautiful country . After breakfast , I carried my camera with 78.
me and set off . Everything went smooth . I enjoyed my trip 79.
so much that I didn’t realize the weather had been turned 80.
bad . I began to run and it was too late . I was caught 81.
by the rain and was wet through . I kept on running until 82.
I get to a bus stop . I stood there waiting a long time for the bus 83.
shivering with cold . Shortly before I got home , I 84.
had high fever , which made me stay in bed for a whole week ! 85.

1---5 BCBCA 6—10 ACACA 11—15BACBB 16—20ACABC

21—25BABCA 26—30BCDAC 31—35ABBCC 36—40CABCC
41—45ADBCB 46—50BADAB 51—55DACCC 56—60BACAB
61—65BCACB 66—70CABCB 71—75DDCBB
76.While→when 77.took →take 78.√ 79.smooth →smoothly
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exam questions

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Yes, there should really be some kind of site that people can just upload tests to..... a great amount of time is spent building tests on material that is quite constant.... there should be a "test library" of sorts.
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