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Multimedia evaluation test

Posted: 24 Mar 2004, 15:41
by Lucie
After months of trying to write an evaluation test I've decided that it's silly, it's reinventing the wheel and there are surely evaluation tests on sale out there that are far better than anything I (with neither training or experience as an examiner) could come up with.
I need to seperate learners of the first 4 Cambridge (or ALTE) levels.
I'd like to use the same test as an end-of-course evaluation so it would be good if it were a multimedia CD with some possibility of selecting equivalent questions at random. An interactive CD would also allow testing of listening comprehension and questions depending on answers to the questions before
- What do you use? What do you use as evaluation when they arrive and how do you measure their progress before they leave?
All test recomendations if multimedia or not gratefully received


Multimedia level assessment

Posted: 27 Jan 2005, 15:31
by Deborah
Hello Lucie,
In our language school, we use the one on The home page comes up in French. Just clique on : 2. test à niveau.
I feel that it's very accurate and it gives you an approximate TOEIC score as well. I believe that the levels they give are the "old school" ones, however.
Good luck.

Posted: 01 Feb 2007, 16:38
by msm09
Hello, my name is Mary S. Mowat, and I am a junior TESOL education major at Indiana Wesleyan University. I was wondering if I could interview you through email about your job as an ESL teacher. For one of my TESOL courses, I have to interview two teachers on the subject of testing and assessment (not the most interesting subject, I know). I then have to combine what I have learned into a paper/project. Any information that we can discuss about this subject would be most helpful. I am sure that you have some great advice in this area!

Thank you so much for your time!