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Material for KET preparation course

Posted: 21 Mar 2009, 06:52
by celi
I really need your help here, I'm about to start a KET preparation course and I can't find a coursebook to really prepare students, there are just books with tests but nothing like a coursebook. Can anybody suggest any tittle? I would really appreciate your help

Re: Material for KET preparation course

Posted: 21 Mar 2009, 22:42
by systematic

The KET is a test of very elementary English. Basically any beginner or false-beginner course book will provide you with all the English you will need to take the test.

Full details of the test and what it involves are here: ... h/ket.html

Re: Material for KET preparation course

Posted: 24 Mar 2009, 22:02
by celi
Thank you very much for your reply

Re: Material for KET preparation course

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 11:42
by Alex Case
Whilst I agree with Systematic that a General English textbook is better than an exam text at this level, KET is a bit higher than false beginner. For example, OUP claims that students finishing Headway Elementary would be ready to take KET, presumably meaning that students finishing Headway Beginner (or the old Headstart) would not. Any other Elementary text would be okay, although ones published by British publishers such as Headway do seem to have sneakily had content connected to the exam such as street signs and some workbook exercise types put into them.

Apart from that, just get the students to buy a book of practice tests and emphasize the parts of the textbook that most tie in with the exam.

Here's a list I came across by Googling Cambridge KET textbook

Re: Material for KET preparation course

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 13:27
by systematic
This may be a bit of topic Alex, but when we put 400+ Thai teachers of English - from a group of private schools - through a practice exam for the PET (the next one up from the KET), four years ago, only about 8% reached a pass mark. Many of these teachers were teaching secondary grades.

In a parallel test, some of the pupils in Prathom 5 & 6 (elementary years 5 & 6: 11/12 year olds) scored better than their teachers.

This was part of a programme on which we were working together with Cambs to develop the TKT.
We declined to see how the teachers would fare in the KET in order to save their dignity.

These are some of the reasons why I estimate the KET to be false-beginner or low elementary level.