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Special Needs Students

Posted: 03 Mar 2011, 15:16
by jeffreyrod
I'm writing in the hope of having some people that have worked with students who have special needs respond to me. Personally, I don't think I could teach to students who have too much of an handicap or a problem, I just can't do it. Every time I'm around a person who is handicapped I always feel so awful and I don't know why, I think I have to much pity for them and I really wouldn't want to have to live that way. Of course, if I had to do it I'd be cool with it, but I'd rather not. As for learning disabilities I guess I'd have less of a hard time with that.

Re: Special Needs Students

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 07:01
by TonyTTT
The thread is pretty old and I believe that you have already dealt with that issue successfully. However I believe that the longer you stay among students with disabilities the more casual you tend to feel. Just takes some time and willingness to change. Keep us posted!

Re: Special Needs Students

Posted: 30 Jun 2017, 12:02
by Eve1997
For students with less obvious disabilities, such as those who have learning difficulties, two primary methods have been used for identifying them: the discrepancy model and the response to intervention model. The discrepancy model depends on the teacher noticing that the students' achievements are noticeably below what is expected.