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Attention Disorder

Posted: 03 Mar 2011, 15:15
by renbra
I would like tricks and tools on how to deal with students that have attention disorders. I have experienced, in one of my classes, a student that had a really bad attention disorder. In addition, I had to give him his medication in class, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

What I would like to know is how can one teacher deal with students with attention disorder in a classroom where most students progress normally.

Also, how are teachers supposed to deal with the parents of disabled children.

Thank you

Re: Attention Disorder

Posted: 25 Apr 2011, 21:23
by eigosekai
Students having such disorders are very difficult to deal with. Some of them need personal attention to help them progress in the most normal way as possible. The worst cases are to be left to the psycho-educators... I remember when I was doing my second practicum, I had to teach to a 3rd grade class in which there was 3 students having major attention disorder. Each of those students had their personal educator with them at all times in the classroom. What a mess! While I was trying to speak in English, each of the 3 educators were translating everything I said to their student and because of that, all the other students stopped listening to me and switched listening to the educators' translation...
I think giving their Rx in class is a really bad idea. The student will feel ashamed...
I also think we should follow a specific training that would teach us how to deal with those students properly!