Christmas games for visually impaired Elementary school?

For example, teaching blind or deaf learners

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Christmas games for visually impaired Elementary school?

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I'm a new ALT in Iwate-ken, Japan, and work in several special needs schools. I'm based out of the prefectural school for the blind and teach elementary, junior, senior, and post-secondary (acupuncture and massage) classes. I've been asked to prepare Christmas games for my elementary school class. There are ten students. All are legally blind and several have mental disabilities. My Japanese ability is very low, but I team teach with a Japanese teacher of English. There are also aides for the mentally disabled students. I really enjoy the class but am at a loss for fun Christmas games for them. This week we're going to play "Santa says" (a variant of "Simon Says"), but any advice would be greatly appreciate!!!
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you could do a scavenger hunt with christmas objects or chocolate. If you have some bells, you could teach the children Jingle Bells. If they dont learn the words, have them identify the words Jinle bells and shake the bells. Blind children are usually very fond of music. If you are allowed to play music, I would. You could adapt musical chairs for your class. You could also play musical statues with christmas music. If you need to know anything else, let me know. I ll try and come up with some more ideas for you. I m a blind teacher, so feel free to ask me for help if you need it. I can tell you from experience, what works and what might be difficult.
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Re: Christmas games for visually impaired Elementary school?

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Games equipment can be adapted in various ways to suit a person who is blind or has low vision, such as: Braille versions – some of the games available in Braille versions include chess, playing cards, Monopoly, Ludo and Bingo.

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