Teaching 5 yrs olds

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Teaching 5 yrs olds

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Need help. Have the chance of a job but need to prove myself by teaching 5 yr olds about transport. Anyone with ideas or suggestions to fill hr and half? I´ve very little experience in this area but would really like the chance to work with young children. Would love to hear from anyone who can help. Thanks, M.
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Dear Maria,

As you haven't had any replies, you might want to look at Auntie Lucy's forum. She answered a question similar to yours.

Best of luck

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There are lots of games you can use to teach the vocabulary first. Here is one that would work well to help them learn the vocabulary.

For five-year-old students, you probably want to stay away from writing activities. One thing you could do is get a variety of transportation toys and have them in a basket (or two sets of each toy if it is a large class so that you can have groups). Have the students line up and call out a name of one of the vehicles. Have the first student go to the basket and find the correct vehicle. If you have two groups, you can try making it into a race or just use the multiple groups to have more students participate at one time.

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Re: Teaching 5 yrs olds

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As for me, the best option is to use toys for this, to be interested in the ride process so that the child is interested in why this is so, but not otherwise.
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Re: Teaching 5 yrs olds

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If I had such a topic in the class I would prepare cards with the needed vocabulary beforehand and also bring some car toys in a class. You can prepare a game when children play cars and words in the cards can help them to describe their actions. You can also think about something like quest: children can play games and at the end of a class you can revise all the new words together. I also practiced new sport vocabulary with the use of a table tennis game (while students were playing, other students were commenting the game using new words).

Sharing the sources that helped me:
https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org ... diate/cars
https://www.eslgamesplus.com/sports-voc ... ally-game/
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Re: Teaching 5 yrs olds

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Re: Teaching 5 yrs olds

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