Help for interview!!

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Help for interview!!

Unread post by Calmozzie »

Hi everyone, first post!

I'm looking to teach English in Japan and I have an interview in London in a few weeks! I really like the school and have some very good third party references as to their quality so that's all ok.
The interview involves me giving a 5 minute lesson to a 3-5 year old (played by the interviewer) with no English. This is the bit I'm most worried about as I am a new teacher, and have little experience teaching. I am great with kids but I don't really know what a 3-5 year old can understand, or what I can do to not screw this up!

From my research and questions I've asked my friends it seems that games, roleplay and songs are really the best things to do. I am allowed to use flash cards with vocabulary and numbers and such but I would have thought anyone sending their 3 year old to English classes would want them to learn something they could use, so I was thinking some basic introductions/names, how are you's etc. Is this the right direction?

Any advice on what I could do (specifically) for a lesson plan would be great cos I don't know if what I'm thinking is way off the mark for such a young child!
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Help for interview!!

Unread post by Jemineye »

I'm at the beginning of my teaching journey but I did find this. Dunno if it'll be much help to you as I'm sure you've researched stuff already.

One thing that the guy in the videos does say which really stuck with me is that you can't expect this age group to learn things straight away as their probably not all that proficient in their own languages. The fact that you're great with kids will probably go a long way nonetheless. So a 5 minute lesson singing or/and using puppets should/may be sufficient in this case.
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Re: Help for interview!!

Unread post by biancaremina »

Hello, I just finished collenge and I want to go to an interview, can you give me some suggestions about how to proceed ? Thank you.
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Re: Help for interview!!

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Look up lots of tips online and be sure to dress for success! Good Luck!
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