What does being a media specialist "look like"?

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What does being a media specialist "look like"?

Unread post by Rebeka » 03 Dec 2020, 23:07

I just got a job as a Media Specialist at a Catholic school (PreK-8th). My basic duties are library circulation, teaching technology classes for PreK-5th grade students, and proving small group support in reading to various teachers.

My degree is in English Language Arts Education, and my previous job was teaching 6th grade Language Arts. So, this job is very different. I should probably mention that my previous job caused me a lot of emotional distress, which makes me VERY nervous to teach again. One of the reasons that I wanted this job as a Media Specialist was so I could still work in the education field, but not spend quite as much time in the classroom. Of course, with this particular job, I will still be teaching, but it won't take up my entire day.

I was wondering if there were any Media Specialists who could give me a basic idea of what your day is like. How much interaction do you typically have with students and teachers? Are you often at your desk, or more mobile? Is there a similar amount of paperwork and documentation compared to classroom teaching?

I'd appreciate any insight or advice!

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