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Re: Has anyone ever had success teaching adults to read?

Posted: 16 Sep 2022, 13:17
by oneota
I have had no experience with illiterate adults, but a search on the Internet for "teaching illiterate adults to read" brought up a number of interesting articles.

Re: Has anyone ever had success teaching adults to read?

Posted: 20 Sep 2022, 15:26
by worklife
Some people have had success, but it is not easy. Adults who have never learned to read often struggle with the task because they lack the basic foundation of letter-sound correspondences that children learn in elementary school.

However, many adults can learn to read if they receive explicit instruction and plenty of practice. The key is to start with basic phonemic awareness activities that help students understand how letters and sounds work together to form words. Once students have a strong foundation in phonemic awareness, they can begin learning how to read words and sentences.

Adult learners need to be patient and persistent and not get discouraged if they don't catch on quickly. With time and effort, most adults can become competent. Adult students are a rewarding demographic to teach, and many adults can learn to read once they are given the right tools and resources. Work/Life English is a website that provides free ESL teaching resources, including ESL workbooks, teacher's instructor manuals, worksheets, games, and flashcards. You can also find tips on teaching adults to read on our blog. We also have a lot of free resources you can have a look at. Good luck!