Teaching adults

Teaching ESL to adults

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Teaching adults

Unread post by ironmathyu5 » 10 May 2020, 16:45

I live in china and have been teaching English mostly in university and tutoring younger kids. I have been asked a lot lately to teach small groups for adults. I was thinking about teaching listening, dialogue, and. Basic conversation skills for traveling and Livorno abroad. Anyone have experience doing this, what worked best for you, did you use a textbook or other materials. I’m worried about teaching adults because they are more opinionated then kids. The kids just listen and enjoy and don’t complain to much. https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.cool/

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Re: Teaching adults

Unread post by EngTenses » 10 Aug 2020, 23:58

Get your students to say what they want to learn and what subjects interest them. Build your course from that. I usually always start with a getting to know you session where the students give a date, a name, a place that is important for them. to finish they tell you their hobby or interest. These questions get them to talk in English which helps you to decide what they need to be taught.

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