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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 16:05
by Jemineye
Hi guys.

I'm used to teaching a group of students and I'm used to teaching one to one now, but I haven't a clue how I might teach a one to one lesson over skype. I have a job interview that requires a 30 minute teaching demo. I'm pretty sure I won't be allowed to email any materials over beforehand, but I can't seem to find anything that specifically deals with tips and tricks for teaching English online.

They require a warmer and then presentation.

The theme is weekend activities so I was thinking of eliciting the days of the week first and then eliciting "weekend" from the 'student'. I would then ask the student what they do at the weekend normally and get them to generate a small list as my warm up.

Target Language would include:

"What are you doing this weekend" and then various weekend-esque activities e.g. going shopping, going to a party, seeing a movie, meeting with friends...etc.

I kind of draw a blank here because I'd usually launch into an activity of some sort, usually a worksheet.

Subsequently, once I've taught my TL and CCQ'd understanding, I'll launch into a questions and answers session as a sort of controlled practice/freer practice.

Any tips for a first-type Skyper? Please note: The level is Beginner.

Re: Skype?

Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 19:48
by Alex Case
As far as I'm aware, it's totallly normal to email materials such as worksheets before or during the lesson

Re: Skype?

Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 21:29
by Jemineye
Even in a job interview?

Re: Skype?

Posted: 08 Nov 2012, 19:28
by Susan
a job interview should reflect real life. If not, they don't get a real idea of who you are.