HELP! Looking for conversation coursebook!

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HELP! Looking for conversation coursebook!

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I have a student interested in having just conversation lessons. He studies English grammar and vocabulary independently, but wants to have conversation lessons once a week to improve his listening, conversation skills, and pronunciation. I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good conversation coursebook that they've used. I know that some books exist, but have yet to find one that is appropriate. My student is a 40 year old business man, interested in improving his English conversation skills (he is at the intermediate level) in a wide variety of general situations, not just business. I really appreciate it if you could give me some advice! I am really at a loss as to what to do!
Thank you!
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Looking for conversation coursebook!

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You could try looking at Discussions A-Z. The topics are not business related. But if your student just wants to practise oral English it could be a start.

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Conversation books

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Nah dont worry about it. Students come and theyall say the samn Conversation conversation conv.... factory cleaners... CEOs... you can use what you like or better still nothin..... i tried it on handreds of me studen... and now am earnin me keep . ya just keep on goin and youll be right. Look at me. I'm happy! :lol:
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You can find some lesson plans on the web. Recently I've started using lesson plans published on They seem to focus on adult learners. You can get some of the lessons free of charge, but I recommend getting a subscription. It still works out cheaper than buying a course book.
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