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EFL for art students (Japanese)

Posted: 11 Jul 2005, 16:44
by rjdjones
I have a two week course to teach to an all female Japanese art student group. At first I was told they wanted general English lessons. But now it's clear that they want it aimed at the vocabulary and expressions they'll need to cope with the rest of the information they get about art during their stay in the UK. It should cover an extensive vocabulary for description and also action words for the various techniques they'll use in their printing and wire work classes. Does anyone have any material that would be good to use with these students? They are university level but will probably have a low level of English. I would appreciate any links or any material which could help the students.
Thanks for your help,

English for art students

Posted: 24 Jul 2005, 17:33
by Paula
Have you thought about taking in art books and using those as a basis for conversation? You can get sts to describe what they see, the techniques used etc.

They can also talk about their own work and / or their favourite artists.

English Vocabulary in Use might have a section on art related vocab.

hope this helps