Group of adults in a factory learning general English

Teaching ESL to adults

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Group of adults in a factory learning general English

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I am supposed to teach the above specific group category and was hoping for some help through this forum . Any ideas how to kick start in a encouraging way!

does anyone have any idea if any regular tests are given to the above category?

thanks for your help
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Teaching English to factory workers

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Hi Sera,

I suggest you start by finding out what they are learning English for. improve their promotion chances at work? is the factory going to be bought out and they'll have to speak English at work? or is it just for fun and going on holiday?

When you know why they're learning, you can start planning. As for tests, I supose they just need the usual progress tests to assess how they're doing. The amount of tests will depend on their reasons for learning. If they're learning for fun, they won't need so many tests.

hope this helps

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