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Dealing With Pronunciation Problems?

Teaching ESL to adults

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Dealing With Pronunciation Problems?

Unread post by shruti121 » 26 Nov 2018, 10:43

Every individual who starts learning English has the desire to speak just like some native English speaker. However, it takes a lot of time and practice to achieve that level of speaking English.
Many of the English learners put in their endeavor to achieve that fluency, while few fail to.
Therefore, it becomes difficult for a few learners to achieve a pronunciation that sounds like a native speaker's.
There are a number of problems with English Pronunciation faced by a non-native speaker, but this can be recovered by practicing on your verbal communication more and more you can because it is necessary for an English learner to pronounce the words exactly as they are pronounced by a native speaker.
1. Take up only one particular accent to speak with
2. When you are learning any new word, learn the correct pronunciation of that word. Don’t read the word and guess how to say.
3. Pay attention to how English speakers talk in English, if you don’t find any English speaker around you, you can refer the English speaking app, EngVarta where you can converse in English with Experts and listen to their accent.
4. Listen to English speakers and simply copy their pronunciation.
5. Record yourself and listen back, to learn from your own mistakes.
6. At least 15-20 min practice a day is mandatory.
7. Speak slowly and clearly.

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