Z generation and grammar

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Z generation and grammar

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Hello :)
How can I teach generation z grammar in a fun way?
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Re: Z generation and grammar

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Today's teacher simply has to be an active user of social networks if he is interested in being on the same page with his students. Such a teacher communicates with them on social networks, gives homework, discusses films, shoots videos together, and, most importantly, understands that the line between the virtual and the real is slowly but surely blurring. He uses this knowledge for his own good. If a teacher is aware of what teenagers are discussing on the Internet, knows how and is not afraid to use Internet memes, they think of him: “He understands us, this is cool and valuable”.

Gen Z is characterized by practicality. It is important for them to know why the teacher gives them specific knowledge and how it can be useful in life. If in an endless stream of information, children Z are wasting their valuable time in school, they want to understand why they need it. The realities of today - education should be such that its value becomes possible to understand even at the age of seven.
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Re: Z generation and grammar

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YES 100%.

If I may add make sure the lessons are brief, interesting, and relevant.

Gen Zs have small attention spans (well based on experience). They may be turned off by the idea of grammar because it can seem boring. Show them how to use what they learn right away or have them do exercises that are directly related to what you're teaching at the moment. Whenever possible, find ways to make their lesson fun! Best to give them application-based activities so they retain more information in less time.
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