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Free materials for one-hour ESL lessons

Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 04:21
by davidbowesuk
Hi guys, hope you're well.

I've been working my butt off for the last year developing a new website which I feel has been missing from the net for too long. This site is called Teaching Truffles and provides ESL lessons which are:

> Free
> Fully planned
> Printable
> Easy to teach

The site is called "Teaching Truffles" and it went live 2 weeks ago so it's brand new.

At present there are 10 fully-developed lessons and there are more to come. A mantra which has driven the site's development is "quality is better than quantity". I feel that most of the sites out there today that provide worksheets are more concerned with quantity. I personally hate sifting through a hundred worksheets to find something I actually want to teach. I'd much rather have a small but high-quality selection.

So anyway check out the site and grab a free ready-to-go lesson. I made this site for you so let me know what you think :)

Kind regards,


Creator of Teaching Truffles

Re: Free materials for one-hour ESL lessons

Posted: 19 Nov 2012, 01:26
by LiliyaB
Hi Dave, nice to meet you

Congrats on your site launch! Quality material there.

got 2 questions - have you done site yourself and where do you source your images from?
Images been one of the tricky parts for me due to the copyrighting issues,etc.

Re: Free materials for one-hour ESL lessons

Posted: 25 Nov 2012, 03:41
by davidbowesuk
Hi Liliya,

Sorry for the late reply.

The best site for images that I've found so far is I like it because they have a decent selection and you can use all of the images for pretty much what you like. If you use the free image, you have to acknowledge the site but putting their url on the same page. Easy enough, just put that in your footers.


Re: Free materials for one-hour ESL lessons

Posted: 25 Nov 2012, 03:48
by davidbowesuk
Oops forgot to answer your other question. Yeah I did the site myself. Used Dreamweaver CS5.5 for the html and all that. Graphics I used Fireworks CS5, it's pretty intuitive. For the PHP/MYSQL databases I used WAMP. The PHP side was the only difficult thing to pull off. Lynda tutorials helped there though.