Can you recommend resources?

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Can you recommend resources?

Unread post by sheliphant » 04 Jan 2011, 21:11

Hi all,

I am a trainee teacher, and am going to Bangalore with my university in the summer, to take part in a project sharing experiences of teaching with other professionals in a school there.

We have been asked to take with us some resources to help with the teaching of English as a foreign language, but we need to consider the cost of the resources (as inexpensive as possible!!) and more inmportantly, the weight - with regards to baggage limits on the flight.

As we are not studying a TEFL course, we are a little inexperienced with teaching EFL, and so wondered if anyone here would be able to give us any ideas as to the sorts or resources that would be useful?

The school teaches children from age 6 - (I think) 16 so resources across a range of abilities / ages would be useful.

Many thanks!

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Re: Can you recommend resources?

Unread post by Joe » 06 Jan 2011, 05:45

I'd recommend the Word Up ESL board game which is designed for learning/teaching English at all levels and ages.

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Re: Can you recommend resources?

Unread post by SusanP » 07 Jan 2011, 17:43

Alex Case
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Re: Can you recommend resources?

Unread post by Alex Case » 09 Jan 2011, 13:05

If they'll have computers and printers there, save loads of PDF worksheets on a floppy disk or USB stick and print them out when you get there. Most TEFL sites have PDF worksheets that you can download and save as PDFs.

If the students are young learners, inflatable stuff like beach balls would be great.

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