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New Game For Teaching Slang/Idioms

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 00:22
by tsmama24 has just added a new game to their site called the "Slang Game." It focuses on teaching English slang phrases and idioms. It is also free, like all the games on the site. It seems like a game that might work well on a Smartboard, although I couldn't say from personal experience. Site Link


Re: New Game For Teaching Slang/Idioms

Posted: 09 Feb 2009, 14:49
by sandranelson1968
Thank you. The Slang game on Vocabulary Learning Fun is incredible. My kids love it. Unlike all the others, the expressions used are carefully chosen to be ones that people actually use. I don't know about you but most of my experiences with slang lists seem to include expressions that I've never heard used outside of films about the old days.

thank again for pointing me towards that great game. There are eight other games on the vocabulary site that I haven't even had a chance to look at.