Make crosswords and hangman games and host them online

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Make crosswords and hangman games and host them online

Unread post by richalmers » 30 Oct 2008, 19:43

I’m an EFL teacher working in Seville, Spain. I enjoy using crosswords in the classroom and so do my students. They also love to play hangman. There are lots of software packages out there that teachers can use to create their own crossword puzzles, but until now none of them have let a teacher host their crosswords online to be shared with students and teachers around the world. None of the services I know of allow you create a crossword puzzle and a hangman game using the same words.

For the past couple of years I have been developing a way for teachers to create their own high-quality crosswords and hangman puzzles quickly and easily. What I have created is available to everyone for free, and it enables even the most technologically-challenged teachers to create quality crossword puzzles in minutes. The online puzzles are fully interactive, but can also be printed off for use away from the computer. The words used in the crossword puzzle are also used to create interactive hangman games.

I’m writing to invite all EFL teachers to create their own puzzles and hangman games in the easiest possible way yet invented.

All teachers who publish a puzzle and its corresponding hangman game are credited as the author and all get links back to their own websites. If you would like some valuable links back to your site from ours (page rank 3) you are welcome to publish some puzzles.

I hope all teachers will find this free service valuable and look forward to hosting your puzzles.


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Re: Make crosswords and hangman games and host them online

Unread post by webchomp » 04 Feb 2010, 03:56

That sounds like an awesome tool! I will definitely be submitting a crossword or 10. I have been doing it the old way buying crossword books and photo copying them to give out to the class. This is ofcourse much easier than making your own but not half as fun. The cheapest place I have found to buy quality crossword books is so if you need to kill some time in class this is an easy way to do it.

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