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Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 29 Aug 2018, 12:42
by Preterit10
Hi all, as I'm unfortunately suspicious of most things online having worked extensively as a Fraud Analayst, I now need international help.
Can anyone verify if the following job advert is legitimate ?

3 EU & 2 NON EU Full-Time EFL/ESL Teaching Positions Available in Badajoz/Barcelona, Spain.  

By general search you can find details through online job boards/sites. I've been in contact, but transferred to an "affiliate" in Murcia (O.Y.E.) I'm actively trying to find legitimacy outside of email communication (calling is not easy) and not living in Spain.

A response is long pending towards my questions. But does anyone have details to assist/ advice in the meantime?

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 29 Aug 2018, 17:20
by shradha05

Did you find anymore information about this. I was contacted by O.Y.E as well but I am having a hard time believing this is not a scam. Let me know! Thanks!

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 29 Aug 2018, 18:47
by Preterit10
Hi! I'm in the process based on my location, I have it under investigation by my Consulate to the country and a native friend.
Based on some of the requirements stipulated in the vacany; the actual processing timeline and the short notice for availability. I also had the building checked (i
e. location in Murcia). The phone number provided is registered at Ciudad Real (407km away). That showed up on my phone when I tried calling.

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 30 Aug 2018, 04:45
by shradha05
Thank you for letting me know. I checked the initial email they used to contact me and its a different one that the school actually uses. I'm not sure this job is legit at all. I'll keep you posted if I find anything else.


Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 30 Aug 2018, 19:03
by Briona
Preterit10 wrote:
29 Aug 2018, 12:42
3 EU & 2 NON EU Full-Time EFL/ESL Teaching Positions Available in Badajoz/Barcelona, Spain.
This alone tells you it's a scam. EU hiring law dictates that employers in the EU cannot just hire a non-EU citizen; they first have to prove that there were no suitably-qualified EU citizens who could do the job. When it comes to teaching English, this is not a very likely proposition. The number one rule of TEFL is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And if anyone asks you for money (for visa processing fees or plane tickets or suchlike), it definitely is!

If you really want to find legal work in Spain or elsewhere in the EU, you need to apply for a one-year student visa while still in your home country. Note that you do actually have to be a genuine student to qualify for the visa. This means that you will need to enrol on a recognised course of study for a minimum of 20hrs a week (typically a language course but it can be in anything), and pay for the course upfront. The visa will then allow you to work for up to 20hrs a week while completing the course.

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 01:54
by Preterit10
I'm fully aware of the process for eligibilty through a student visa. My Consulate to Spain alongside with a rep from the Embassy of Spain investigated the issue/ concerns I had.
I wanted to resolve my curiosity and I have. I'm grateful!

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 03 Sep 2018, 19:51
by Brutas
This is a scam. I did an interview and a couple of weeks communication with "Matias Iker". He will ask you on Skype if you are a team player and what you expect from the school before sending a contract across in broken English. He barely gave any information on the school and tried to get me to contact some random woman on a suspect email address at an airline to "arrange my flight and bus" which basically translates to sending him money. Don't be baited by the €2,700 it's phantom.

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 00:46
by Preterit10
Hola. The interview discussion varies; the contract I was sent was legible (he/they may have had time to edit it); by "they" I refer to the ghost person above & Mateo Nicolás. I never signed the document as I had an investigation done immediately.
We managed to reach the school in Barcelona, inquired with them about the individuals and advised them of their name being used under false pretence.
Moreover, in my initial research stages one may find that a similar post to this has been lurking online since 2015 (via FB) & became more frequent last December (other ESL job sites).
Identifiable changes in this advert are the locations (Bajadóz y Cartagena) & a need for 2 Non EU teachers.
At first I thought it was legitimate because Academie Français.... is in operation but apparently they are occasionally a target for scammers.

Thanks for sharing your experience & opinion!

Re: Spain Job - Legit or Scam?

Posted: 03 Feb 2019, 22:29
by phifer
I know that I'm a bit late to this, but hopefully, it can help someone who is in a similar situation. If you're trying to get a teaching job in Spain as an American citizen, it's extremely difficult. For me, it was better to come through a service that could place me in my location of choice. It is almost impossible (as far as I know) to get a work visa because companies/schools don't need to/want to go through all of the hassles of getting an American citizen working papers.

The only problem with some of the placement services is they charge extremely high fees. You can always go it alone and try your luck with the Spanish ministry of education, but you'll just get thrown into a lottery with no guarantees of any sort. Long story short, I recommend going through a service, but definitely, do your homework.

Personally, I like EES Madrid ( They charge the lowest fee that I've seen anywhere on the Internet (200 Euros), and you don't have to pay them until after you've been placed and have started working at your designated school. Best of all, they guarantee placement in Madrid.

Hope this helps someone :D