Opportunites in Russia

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Opportunites in Russia

Unread post by kirby42 »

I'm thinking of doing a CELTA or TEFL course next February with a view to teaching abroad in perhaps Russia or a Russian speaking country. I can speak a bit of the language and would love to spend time there. Some of my Russian speaking friends said that I'd probably get by in day to day life with my level of the language.

I was just wondering, what are the job prospects like at the moment in Moscow and St. Petersburg? Is a sustainable wage possible with all the political tensions and economic sanctions going on?

What about opportunities in other Russian speaking countries? I was considering Latvia... I have a BA in English and I really enjoy helping some of my Russian friends with the language.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Re: Opportunites in Russia

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Hi, kirby42!

I would strongly suggest you looking for a job as a teacher for Speak Up. From the info on their website it seems they have already running their school franchise in Russia, which would most likely make it much easier for you to stay in the country for a longer period in case of being hired by them. Unfortunately, I can't provide you with specific info on opportunities in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but Speak Up has over 20 schools in Moscow and 3 in St. Petersburg, so there's a good chance they have some vacate for a teacher. Good luck!
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