Spain - Level 5 Dip Tesol

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Spain - Level 5 Dip Tesol

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Hi all!

I just finished a Level 5 Dip in TESOL. This diploma is a distance course, but it is very complete and it’s accredited at Level 5 in the National Qualification Framework in England. It doesn’t have Teaching Practice, but I had a contract as an English Teacher in Spain last year, so I might be able to make up for that.

I was considering doing the CELTA now... but I am not sure if it is worth it for me as it is very expesinve, I already have an accredited qualification and the CELTA is also Level 5… Can anyone give advice on this? Will having the CELTA really increase my chances of getting a job in Spain? Is there any other course that I could do? What is the best way to approach English schools in Spain?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Spain - Level 5 Dip Tesol

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If you can do the CELTA, it will most certainly help you in Spain. With a non Cambridge/ Trinity qualification with no observed teaching practice, you'll be bottom of most schools' lists of desirable teachers.
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Re: Spain - Level 5 Dip Tesol

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In 7 years teaching to Spanish clients, I haven't been asked one time for an English teaching qualification... NOT ONCE... whilst doing the qualification that you indicated could help, it is absolutely not necessary even in today's market in Spain. I would say spend the time and money marketing yourself. There are good posts on how you can do this throughout this forum. Good luck!
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