Non graduate in Italy

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Non graduate in Italy

Unread post by AlisonO » 12 Jul 2007, 15:24

I am considering doing a TEFL qualification. Once qualified I would want to work in Italy. I have intermediate level in Italian.

I have looked at lots of jobs in Italy via different websites and they all seem to ask for degree qualifications. I do not have a degree, but anyone that meets me would be able to see that I am of degree standard.

Am I likely to find it difficult to find work in Italy without being a graduate?

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Unread post by shlee » 12 Jul 2007, 23:32

There are many different options for you to take and receive some type of TEFL credentials...The best would be for you to finish your degree if possible, but to move you in the direction of working with language learners, send me a PM and I can share more details with you... Your situation is not uncommon, but there are factors which must be considered before attempting to take training...Some people will tell you to go ahead and sign up for their high fee course, but you must as I said, carefully weigh out the options before spending money on a program simply to find out you still can't instruct...send me a PM...Thanks

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Unread post by AlisonO » 16 Jul 2007, 09:07

I am not currently doing a degree and don't plan to do one. I have lots of experience in industry having worked in IT for a number of years.

Does anyone else know whether finding work in Italy with a full TEFL qualification but no degree is possible?

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Re: Non graduate in Italy

Unread post by lequack » 08 Apr 2010, 19:35

I know this is an old message, but it may be useful for others seeking employment.

You do not need a degree in Italy, especially in the south. In fact, You don't even need a TEFL qualification in many places.

What will give you an advantage is if you are able to speak Italian. Many owners here don't speak English and will be only too happy to ignore a lack of credentials in order to have a member of staff that they can communicate with.

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