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Posted: 12 Mar 2020, 07:48
by EvaJune
Are you interested in kick starting your own teaching business in China? Are you a presentable TEFL teacher? Here’s a great business for you to join as the only other co-founder (total two co-founders)

About the Business Owner:
Worked as a self-employed business consultant in communication and languages training, experienced language trainer of multiple languages and cross-cultural manager for 15 years. Linguistic researcher. A minimalist and very efficient person. The business has already got a dozen paying customers. The good thing is that I've already tested my ideas so that you face a much lower risk in developing it further.

I am looking for a talented and committed TEFL teacher to join me as a co-founder who can together develop more course materials and grow this business into a global market leader in the next few years. I am a diligent and get-go person, a broad business thinker, systematic organizer and business developer.

The ideal candidate must:
Be passionate about education, languages and different culture. 
Be a native English speaker with relevant college degrees and TEFL certification.
Be a presentable and lively teacher and trainer for all ages.
Can speak Chinese.
Good at branding and social marketing (having a large social media follower is a plus).
Excellent cross-cultural communicator. 
If you have a sharp eye for a good product and brand, then we will make a great team.

Important: As a co-founder, you will not get paid as a normal employee, but you will have a large percentage of shares of revenue and future stock option. So be willing to make great efforts in order to reap great rewards.

If you are interested, please [send your CV to XXX@XXXX] PM me with a short video recording of your teaching.