China pay due to virus

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China pay due to virus

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I’m new here just signed up to ask whether anyone here knows what’s happening about the salary. Been off work and maybe even after the 2nd march due to the Corona Virus has anyone heard whether they would be paid in full, or half the salary. I understand it depends on individual schools but would like to know what everyone else knows.

I would ask the school but they are very defensive over this subject when asked manager and not been given a proper answer.

Would like to know just for knowledge of what to expect.

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Re: China pay due to virus

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There's a report on the Wuhan situation at ... id=1108100, however no mention re salaries.
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Re: China pay due to virus

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Unfortunately in China no school means no salary, unless it's holiday pay.

I have been in China for 3 years and at the best of times I can tell you getting paid on time and correctly isn't at the top of schools and agent's priorities.

However, because you are in China you may be able to:
    Claim Chinese minimum wage for your region. It varies from 1500-2000 yuan, not much, but if like me you have been out of school 9 weeks, you take whatever is going;
      Claim extra holiday pay as China officially extended the holiday another 10 days from 21st Jan to 10th Feb;
        Apply a little pressure to those who deal with salaries, and try to get something paid to you.

        If you work for an agent its likely to be very hard work getting anything.

        Its no good complaining as in all honesty most teachers have been trapped in China, due to city lockdowns. Its not as if we can threaten to leave especially with entry into other provinces severely restricted. Also this type of school cancellation will not be written in to teacher contracts.

        So, I dont believe you will receive the amount you hope for. However, you could apply some pressure to receive some money, to pay for groceries for example, or ask for the minimum wage (while offering to do online work as a gesture of good will). You have to be creative in this awful time.

        I also can inform you that a chain school, Aston I believe, recently released all its 1500 teachers who were either coming to China fresh off the boat or returning. Maybe we have to be thankful for any kind if employment just now.

        take care Carl
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        Re: China pay due to virus

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        Nov/2020 UPDATE: For those of us lucky enough to remain in China during the pandemic, we are now enjoying the highest salary in China foreign TEFL teacher history today AFTER the students returned to the classrooms, Why? ... world-wide
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        Re: China foreign teacher pay due to Covid virus Pandemic...

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        2021 UPDATE China Foreign Teacher Wages & Salaries:

        Before sending off your resume or passport scan, be sure to check and to vaccinate yourself against foreign teacher job scams.
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