How to get teaching credentials for Taiwan

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How to get teaching credentials for Taiwan

Unread post by Walt Gomez » 10 Dec 2019, 07:09

Those ESL-ers who are asked for teaching credentials or want to teach in China and are over 60.

Instead of China, go to Taiwan. They also have no 60 yo age limit.

Are you a US citizen with a BA? If so:

This is what you may wish to do:

Taiwan vs. Mainland. Not much difference in salaries. As far as the credentials go, you can get sub teacher credentials in Illinois.

These are considered as full US teaching credentials in Taiwan and allow you to work in their public school system.

This is where you can get them online with no need to be present in the state or health check. Will cost between $80-$180 all in all.

Please fiddle with the site and it will prompt you.

If you are not in the USA at the moment, you may need a US VPN as it may be blocked overseas.

Salaries will be about $2300 a month minus 5% tax and they give you a $200 housing allowance. 2 + vacations in the summer and a break in the winter plus all national holidays paid.

Add this Skype: teachtaiwan

This is for highschool jobs.

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