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Unread post by Walt Gomez » 30 Nov 2019, 10:22

This company has extremely negative reviews. My friend who has worked for them asked me to post this on his behalf.

I was offered a contract from QEC, formerly QEHC, and now simply EC. This is my story.
My contract from QEC, which I unfortunately accepted, included the requirement that I accept an Iqama. Initially I tried to get a Business or Work Visit visa but QEC refused. According to them, they could only issue an Iqama, since that was what the client wanted. A contract with QEC is bad enough, but with an Iqama? That’s a no-no. It’s simply signing up for slavery. The contract was for one term, or about 4 months, while the Iqama was valid for 18 months.
After the completion of the contract, I waited around and begged QEC for my exit visa. They’re not the nicest folks on the planet, or even the Kingdom, but they eventually issued a Re-entry visa, a very strenuous, time-consuming task done in their office on a desk computer. Data was simply entered online with the Ministry of Interior, a process which took maybe two minutes. Then, presto, the visa was printed out. For this, QEC charged me 300 riyals. A re-entry visa meant that I had to return to Saudi within 90 days from my exit.
After I left the country, QEC sent me a contract, knowing I had to return. In the contract, QEC offered a bonus on its terms, also known in the West as a pay cut of 25%. Everybody likes a pay cut, right? They thought that I had no choice, but to sign, given that I had a re-entry visa. Well, I returned, but again refused to sign their contract. I simply did not want to continue working for such a friendly, honest high-paying firm. Their rather rotund owner, Mr. Mohammed Al Suraihi, is quite content with skimming off the backs of foreign employees. Such a nice fellow! Poor old Mr. Al Suraihi has to pay for his third helping in the restaurant, right?
I asked for a transfer to another sponsor. Of course, QEC refused. It is their way of holding you as a slave. If you do not want to work for them and put up with their antics, such as delayed salary, or even no salary, and short-changed End of Service Bonus, Vacation Pay, and Flight allowances, then leave or stay home. You simply have to be happy with what “high paying” QEC gives you. The contract and Saudi Labour law are just pieces of paper to make you think that there is some sort of legal protection in the Kingdom.
After some time, QEC informed me that I would be reported to the police and placed on ‘huroob’ or absconder status. Not working for your sponsor, even if there is no contract, is a crime in the Kingdom, a definite no-no. You’re a slave. Slaves do not run away. They just smile and gladly work again for their “high” QEC pay. So, I went back to QEC. They offered to remove the ‘huroob’ from my Ministry of Labor account if I would only sign their contract, such nice fellows those QEC slavemasters . Again, I refused. They told me that since I would not sign a contract with them, I would have to go to the Labour Court to get an Exit visa.
After going through the Saudi ‘legal’ process – yes, this is what they call it – for months, a decision was given by the Saudi civil court, but not until I had made several appearances at the Labour court. The decision? Neither the company nor I were liable. How nice. I was told that I could continue the process, if I disagreed with the decision, but I would have to continue it at the Labour court, from where everything was launched, to begin with. You see in Saudi, you just go around and around. Nothing really happens. Nobody really does anything. The Saudis pretend to work and us foreigners have to pretend we like it. No foreigner wins in Saudi. It just does not happen.
To get out of the country, I had to go to the Ministry of Interior (Jawazat) which could issue me an Exit visa. At this Ministry, they can arrest you and then throw you in a hall full of Africans, non-Saudi Arabs and Filipinos, all waiting to leave the Great Kingdom. The Philippine Embassy even has a consular representative who spends one day at the Labour Court and the next day at the Jawazat prison, pleading the cases of his abused countrymen, of whom there are thousands.
Fortunately, the Colonel at Jawazat issued me an Exit visa. The blue passport likely helped a bit. I got out of Saudi. Two days later, I touched the ground in Europe. My ordeal was finally over.
The moral of the story is that taking a contract with an Iqama from QEC, yes one of those “high paying jobs”, is a huge risk. It simply is not worth the time and stress. Wait for a better job without an Iqama in Saudi.

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Re: QEC/QEHC/EC Saudi.

Unread post by waltergomez » 14 Feb 2020, 22:16

More complaints about it here as sent by a victim of this company:

QEHC / QEC / EC aka Atrium Agency (not to be confused with Atrium Consulting) searching for the next victims.

Yes, folks the secretive entity of the glutton of KSA, His Roundness, Mr. Mohammed Al Suraihi, and His dishonest left hand Agustin
Francesco, who may or may not have been fired, invite you to a Job Fair in the USA. We do not know where exactly,
and neither do they, but it is somewhere in the USA,they assure us. It does not matter, since the Phantom Job Fair
is not really a job fair. It will be mysteriously cancelled. Ah, the coronavirus is making it difficult to send anybody anywhere. Just
send your CV to them. You will be an exceptional candidate, so a skype interview will help them expedite your arrival in Saudi.

A skype interview will be better and more convenient than a job fair thousands of kilometres from where you are, anyway. It will
save you some dollars, especially if you get lost going to their phantom site. Of course, the QEC equipment will not be
fully functional on the day of your interview. You will not be able to see the "friendly" faces of the current HR henchmen. But, that is okay, since they only want to see that you are not too old or handicapped and can at least say a few audible words in English.

If you are just a little inquisitive and decide to do some due diligence and contact the USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada or Australia embassies in Riyadh, you may get an idea of how popular QEC is amongst expat victims. QEC has been good for
business at the office of the Commercial Attache responsible for complaints from expats at the US Embassy. QEC is an annual
leader in complaints.

You may also want to consult the KSA labor courts. QEC has been good for their business as well. Some greedy expats actually
fight for their salary, ESB, vacation pay and flight allowance, or simply to get out of the country through the courts. QEC
would rather you just left the country and did not bother about these mundane financial things.

Do you really want an exit visa with your Iqama so you can go home? Well, if you have to accept an Iqama because
they like you so much, they just may not want to part with you. So, don't go booking any flights, you may have to stay a
little longer than you expected, at your cost, of course.

There's also the ESB, vacation pay and flight allowance. Uh huh? Do you actually want this? How about unpaid salary? You may
have to wait a little. Some former teachers have been waiting for seven years or more. But, it's coming, just delayed
a little.

Do you really want a "high paying job for between 4500 - 5500 USD according to experience and qualifications"? Sounds nice,
where do you sign? Well, there were only a few of those positions and they're all gone. All those desperate PhD holders from
Harvard and Oxford took them. But, you are in luck, there are a few other jobs available, equally as good. The salary is a little less, but if you work for one year you could qualify for one of those really good jobs, if the Ivy league boys do not come back.

Here are a few links to videos about QEC, you may want to have a look at them and discuss them at your interview. Yes, these were not produced by QEC's Information Dept, only those "really bad ex-employees". These "bad people" should have
believed everything they were told:









https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Quali ... 745960.htm


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Re: QEC/QEHC/EC Saudi.

Unread post by waltergomez » 23 Feb 2020, 17:23

Apparently the company keeps changing its names to fool more victims into coming.
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Re: QEC/QEHC/EC Saudi.

Unread post by waltergomez » 23 Feb 2020, 17:32

More bad news about QEC/QEHC/EC and its other names.

QEC/QEHC/EC aka Atrium Agency or Atrium Employment (not to be confused with Atrium Consulting) KSA Commercial Registry Number 1010387115

Yes, that perpetually morphing, self-proclaimed "leading national educational institution" in Saudi Arabia that brought us "High paying ESL teachers Job" and "cordially" invited us all to "a job fair" somewhere in the USA, is proud to quietly announce its secretive, strategic partnership with American-Based Company, website: https://www.infoacademicspecialists.com/.

For those of you who were unable to attend the recent "job fair in the USA" due to a glitch in googlemaps or an inability to convince a taxi driver to take you from the airport in somewhere for the complete journey to "the location etc", don't fret. You may now apply for one of those "high paying jobs" by sending American-Based Company copies of: your CV, the front page of your passport, state-issued driver's license, Social Security card, degree parchment, university transcripts, credit card details, birth certificate, and state health records. Just visit their website, complete the form and send pdf copies of these documents to the email address on the site.

If you would like to discuss with American-Based Company how "Teachers love the jobs we find for them because it gives them the freedom to choose among the best kind of teaching jobs" and why "Teachers trust" this wonderful company "to find them jobs with the best benefits and accommodations in the Middle East" then give them a call in East Missouri at (573) 250-4698 and ask for George or Konstantin, the "mousafeiris" farce. They will be more than happy to give you all the information they have, which is not a lot, and may not be anything at all, especially if their phone is out of order.

If you would like to know more about why QEC is the leading company in number of complaints at the US Embassy in Riyadh, then contact any or all of these "honest managers" at QEC:

Adil Chliqua, the former Assistant to the CEO, and now the Director of Something in the HR Dept: adil.c@qehc.edu.sa
Obai Hamdan, Head of Recruitment Dept. among other things: ohamdan@qehc.edu.sa
Matar A. Alshammari, HR Dept. Mgr, and not good at English: malshammari@qehc.edu.sa

Do not search the internet for any reviews or former employees' comments about their experiences at QEC! There are just too many. These "bad ex-employees" only "make bad lies". QEC gives its employees the "best" accommodation in Saudi, even though the rooms may be a bit old and musty, the plumbing may not work so well and there may not be a kitchen in the room. But, luckily some of the hotels QEC throws its teachers in come equipped with janitorial staff who will take care of your needs, carnal or otherwise, should you desire, at a price of course. Here's a review by an ex-employee who left the company:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9hXII ... Z4NIIiUnCA
His twitter account is at: https://twitter.com/damitritinbox

DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0vyVwhpd-Y
QEC has many job fairs abroad so that its HR managers can tell people about "high paying jobs with our top universities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" All the "best" people stay with QEC and enjoy their "high paying" jobs. Only "bad employees" complain about their accommodation and not being paid and try to leave for better jobs at other companies with a higher salary, and more favorable overall job conditions.

Since QEC is not a registered company in the US, UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, it is not bound by labor statutes or regulations in any of these banana republic jurisdictions, so anything the US Embassy or any other embassy says does not matter. QEC only adheres to and is bound by the Labor Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: https://mlsd.gov.sa/sites/default/files/LABOR%20LAW.pdf

It is up to the Saudi courts to interpret this law the way Saudi companies want and maybe apply the law if they feel like it.
Since American-Based Company is not really registered anywhere and is, therefore, not really a company and its only assets are a "beautiful, user-friendly" website and sometimes "out of order" telephone number, you cannot do anything to them. So, if your contract with QEC, which you got through American-Based Company, overstates or misstates a few things, like salary, accommodation and your rights under Saudi Labor Law, TOUGH LUCK SUCKER!

There's another Job Fair somewhere next month and a few more hundred victims are just waiting to come to the Kingdom!

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Re: QEC/QEHC/EC Saudi.

Unread post by alexjohn » 16 Sep 2020, 03:07

A contract with QEC is bad enough, but with an Iqama? That's a ... save you some dollars, especially if you get lost going to their phantom site. https://myiqamastatus.com/lost-iqama-replacement/

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Re: QEC/QEHC/EC Saudi.

Unread post by alexjohn » 31 Jan 2021, 07:04

Here is how to check your Iqama color status (Iqama red green / Nitaqat color status) online in Saudi Arabia.

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