Beware U-thinker Art school lies and cheats and threatens to blacklist you!

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Beware U-thinker Art school lies and cheats and threatens to blacklist you!

Unread post by seoulfly » 05 Nov 2019, 08:28

Pardon for adding this, I'm going to be as frank and professional here..

re: the two companies involved you should not trust:

Beijing u-thinker art and design academy

They also run a recruiting office within it's tiny school who hire inexperienced people with fake degrees and zero teaching experience!

I have been teaching for twenty years all over Asia and accepted a job recently in Beijing where I spent my entire savings to fly to China for a simple job that i trusted.

I have had many jobs in China in the past and everyone one them offered the same process to apply for my z work visa...

I flew into China with a tourist visa and they had me work for two months so I can save for a trip to Bangkok to apply for the z visa, same as I have done before many times with other schools in China.

The problem are the 20 yr old recruiters who have little experience, plus this school is a SCAM, they will lie and threaten you and cheat your salary, they also lie to the student's parents.

I spent 60 days before as my tourist visa allows only two months on a multiple entry and went to apply for my z visa in Bangkok, but once i was out of china they tried to cheat me by switching contracts and job titles and didn't offer to pay the visa fees or the return flight and am now left stranded in Bangkok

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Re: Beware U-thinker Art school lies and cheats and threatens to blacklist you!

Unread post by james-joyce » 21 Dec 2019, 12:13

Hi there,
Just wanted to give an honest reply to this honest opinion. I work for this school, and I can say for sure, it’s not a spam, I mean I’ve been working here for a few months, I got paid full salary, everyone is very nice and kind to me. I know about the situation that happened with this person, although I don’t know the details very well, but enough to be quite certain. I talked to him via private messaging on wechat. He seemed to be concerned and needed help, so I tried to offer it to him, but it was quite difficult, his texting was a bit erratic, he seemed to not be open to any solutions, he said that the US embassy can fly him home From Bangkok, and it seemed like it would have been the best outcome. also he kept calling himself master teacher, which he might have been, but I don’t think a master would call herself master, although that’s beside the point. He then texted me that the school is a scam and deleted me. There is a bit of truth to what he’s saying, and from a foreigners perspective it might seem like the company runs a bit unprofessionally, but I think that’s just a situation with most teaching companies in China, and it’s just the result of the country being slightly Isolates from the rest of the world. Probably because he’s an American he’s had a better attitude from his previous companies, because the reality is, most teaching companies handle native speakers differently from non-natives. Having said this, he definitely exaggerated the whole thing, the company is quite big, it has schools in many major cities in China, around 5 campuses in Beijing alone. They are working on improving their management, and their efforts should be applauded, even if I don’t agree with all of them. I don’t know about other teachers, but I have a BFA degree from a great, fairly well known art school in the US. So, that’s that. Finally, no one asked me to write this, I just think it’s a bit unfair to those who might look the company up for the first time, and to the company itself.

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