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Visa for china

Posted: 05 Jan 2019, 21:25
by brehme
Hello, can anyone help me?

Is it is possible to get a Z visa for china with an ordinary bachelor degree? Grade - pass?

Or does it need to be a bachelors degree with honours?


Re: Visa for china

Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 02:44
by John V55
Yes, no problem. The criteria is the degree, not the subject, or grade. Be aware that online ones are not generally accepted.

Re: Visa for china

Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 14:09
by Bignoodle
Sure is.

Mine is just a plain old 'combined arts' degree, which started out as a history degree, with the Open University, UK.

I didn't finish it to be honest and I have 300 points on it instead of the usual 360. (I'd had enough of the 5/6 years part time study which becomes a chore eventually).

It matters not however for Asia teaching. It was awarded to me, and it's good for China. Funnily enough, it was queried while I was in Germany, due to the nature of the 'open' combined program and how Germany compares qualifications. (I was there to scope out the teaching opportunities there a few years ago).

Remember to get a Z Visa for China, it's a requirement to have your degree notarized, seen by a legal representative and stamped, and in my case Commonwealth stamped and Chinese consulate stamped. Its a hassle for sure, but necessary.

The main criteria is a stamped, legalised degree.

Hope this helps, Carl