Help with scam check.

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Help with scam check.

Unread post by winsmo » 24 Jul 2018, 13:03

I apologize for this being my first post. I am new to this website and I have some offers. Before I accept, I'm really wary if they are legitimate or not. I tried checking as much as I could on the internet before posting, but I may have not looked well enough so I wanted some input. I also heard that ESLcafe is suspicious, but that was after I applied.

I saw another Peter that was a scammer, but I am unsure if he is. I saw Tang in the name too, and I know about the scammer Rebecca.
Company name: Beijing Tang International Culture Exchange Ltd

The other is someone named Neal.

If someone could help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Re: Help with scam check.

Unread post by tenneray » 24 Sep 2018, 12:05

Daves ESL Cafe does not want harsh criticism of employers who advertise on its pages. Also, Daves seems to regularly advertise for the same companies, and these companies seem to have high teacher turnover.
In general, there are many dubious employers in the EFL field. There is no way to ensure that you won't have an unfortunate experience with a cowboy school at some point in your career.
One thing you can do is to ask a prospective employer for the names and contact information for a couple of former expat teachers. If the school is unwilling or unable to do this, that may be a red flag. Also, during the interview, ask how long teachers typically stay.

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Re: Help with scam check.

Unread post by learnfromit » 09 Oct 2018, 03:56

What tenneray said about asking for some current employee's contact is the best solution. Not only will you make sure the school you're considering is legitimate, but you might also get a feeling of what the atmosphere there is like in the words of someone in the same position as you might be (instead of a boss).

Another thing I would do is google the name of the school, all the different names if it's the case, and try to dig deep. If it shows up on a blacklist like or the one on reddit then don't even consider it.

I'm also working on a project that wants to be a Glassdoor for the ESL industry everywhere around the World, at the moment, our number is low, but if you find your school, you'll get authentic reviews from ex-teachers so you'll know it's a trustworthy school!

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